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THERE is enthusiasm and excitement for the new curriculum – the ‘curriculum for Wales’ – among many of Ceredigion’s teachers, councillors heard.

An update on how the new curriculum for Welsh schools was being prepared for before its 2022 start was discussed by learning communities overview and scrutiny committee on February 20.

Members heard that Aberaeron School’s headteacher Catrin Thomas is on secondment to introduce the curriculum changes and begin the training for teachers across the county.

Director of education Meinir Ebbsworth said that it will allow more creativity from teachers but also lead to higher standards with more details about its content published by Welsh Government earlier this year.

Six areas of learning are focused on including expressive arts, health and well-being, humanities, languages, literacy and communication, mathematics and numeracy and science and technology.

Every school and every teacher has received training on the curriculum principles although further details and frameworks are to be published, with workshops planned to go through everything step by step

Cllr Keith Evans said: “It’s certainly an exciting time with this new curriculum and the opportunities that it does offer and the opportunities for the teachers to be more creative.”

While Cllr Wyn Thomas added that he had been told teachers were “looking forward” to it and the chance to be more innovative, as well as there being praise for the work of Catrin Thomas.

“She has presented this with a lot of enthusiasm and it’s difficult not to buy into that,” said Mrs Ebbsworth, adding it had been a wish of many Welsh teachers to add creativity to lessons.

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