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THE latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures  reveals that one in 20 people in Wales had the Covid virus the week ending June 30. That is an increase from 0ne in 30 the week previous. Comparative figures for England is one in 25.

It is estimated that almost 150, 000 had Covid in Wales with 2.2 million in England.

In Northern Ireland it is one in 19 and one in 17 for Scotland. Across the UK the level of infections is higher than at the start of June.

The symptoms of infection for BA.4 and BA.5 are to previous variants but  not shortness of breath and loss of taste or smell. The current symptoms are:

runny nose,  sore throat,  fatigue,  headache, muscle pain, and sneezing.

Hospital admissions have also risen over the last month with 965 patients in hospital beds on July 7.

Swansea UHB has suspended hospital visits due to the increase in Covid admissions except in “special circumstances”


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