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APPLICATIONS for a site with a “long planning history” have been approved in Bridgend county borough this month, at a previously unused plot of land in Pencoed.

Castell Construction Ltd has been granted permission to build four detached dwellings on land near Minffrwd Road, Pencoed, after what had been described as a lengthy planning history dating back to 1968.

The plans for the 0.2-hectare site between Minffrwd Road and Minffrwd Close in Pencoed include four two-storey, semi-detached properties.

Three of these would have driveways with direct access onto Minffrwd Road, while the other would have pedestrian access to the front with vehicular access to the rear from a newly-made road.

Proposed improvements for widening along Minffrwd Road were also detailed in the plans, and will also include a pavement on the development side, along with works to the junction with Minffrwd Close.

A council meeting was told how the site had received a series of planning applications over the years, including in 2006, 2000 and 1992, when the former authority rejected an application for eight dormer bungalows on the basis of its impact on the character of the area and the inadequacies of the road network.

While  planning permission for a development of four houses had been approved for the site as recently as 2013, this permission had expired.

There were some reservations over the latest plans, with residents discussing long-standing concerns over highway safety on the roads near the junction between Minffrwd Road and Minffrwd Close.

They also feared the developers would not be able to provide ample parking spaces when the houses were built.

However, officers felt these issues were adequately addressed within the plans, and did not believe any existing issues would be further impacted by the development.

The application was approved with conditions that developers provide a minimum of 20% of the units as affordable housing, and make a financial contribution of £4,156 towards the building of a children’s play area.

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