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Dodds fights to keep profit out of children’s care

Jane Dodds MS has secured a debate in the Senedd on children’s residential care, calling on Members of the Senedd to end profit making from the care of vulnerable children.

The motion being debated this Wednesday proposes that a Bill be brought forward on the regulation, monitoring and commissioning of children’s residential care and children and young people with learning disabilities or other neurodiversity, including removing the provision for profit-making providers from the sector.

Jane Dodds MS said, “The needs of children, especially those with complex needs, are not being met within the current system. Young people report feeling commodified and lacking a voice in their own care and futures.

“When there are significant reports of safeguarding concerns, and homes not meeting statutory education or emotional health needs, we are failing children and must do better.”

“There’s also a financial argument as well as a moral argument here. Local authorities are facing growing budget pressures, with expensive private placements for children placing huge pressures on budgets that could be spent in improving services.The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has also called to ultimately end profit making in children’s care services and this motion will help us do just that.

“Profits from children’s residential care is indefensible.”

Platfform, a charity for mental health and social change, has thrown its support behind the motion saying, “Poorly regulated, these environments are not trauma-informed, and can leave children and young people vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.”


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