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DOZENS of drivers parked illegally at a beauty spot in Porthcawl while visiting the beach on Bank Holiday Monday.

A number of vehicles were spotted on Locks Common, a local nature reserve near rest bay, after someone removed rocks that prevent access to the site.

A spokesman for Bridgend County Borough Council said the warm weather attracted an “unusually high” number of visitors to the seaside town over the bank holiday weekend, with with officers issuing fixed penalty notices to drivers who breached parking restricitons.

A number of drivers parked illegally on Locks Common, which is located right next to Rest Bay car park; a council-run pay and display facility.

The council is currently exploring options to prevent further illegal parking on Locks Common, which is home to multiple species of wildlife including kestrels, foxes and blue tits.

Councillor, Alex Harris, a Green Party representative for Porthcawl Town Council, said she was “gobsmacked” to see so many cars parked on the common.

She added: “There are a huge number of different species of flowers that grown on that land. Skylarks fly over the top – they’re ground-breeding birds so there could well be nests in the vicinty.

“It was just absolutely heartbreaking to see people parking on it.”

A Bridgend Council spokesman said: “Car parks throughout the town were consistently busy throughout the weekend, with several filling to capacity on Bank Holiday Monday, and the council’s civil enforcement officers were on duty every day to assist drivers and ensure that traffic could continue to flow.

“Unfortunately, the high demand meant that several visitors chose to park irresponsibly or without consideration for other drivers, with some ignoring signage advising that specific car parks and overspill spaces were full to capacity. As a result, a number of fixed penalties were issued as officers enforced parking restrictions, and South Wales Police were informed of the situation.

“At Rest Bay, several vehicles parked illegally on the common after removing rocks to gain access. This occurred before the car park became full and is currently being investigated, and the council is looking at a range of options that will prevent the illegal parking from reoccurring.”


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