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Drivers urged to take care as heavy rain forecasted

MID and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is warning drivers to take care on the roads over the next 24 hours.

Group Manager Karen Jones, Head of Community Safety said, “Unfortunately there is yet another amber and yellow weather warning for rain forecasted and we would urge all drivers to take extra care on the roads.

Please do not drive through floodwater. By doing so, you are putting yourself and others at unnecessary risk. It only takes one foot, or 30cm, of moving water to float your car and as little as an eggcup-full of water, going into your engine, is enough to wreck it.

Flood water can be deceptively powerful – it can literally rip up the road surface and dislodge manhole covers and kerbstones – and its depth and flow rate can quickly change with the weather.

So please, if you are driving and come across floodwater on the road, just turn around rather than put yourself and your vehicle at risk.”

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