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Electric bikes trialled in police force

ELECTRIC bikes are being trialled in Gwent with the introduction of two to the force’s fleet.

Chief Superintendent Ian Roberts, in charge of policing in Newport and Monmouthshire, is one of the officers testing out the new e-bikes in the force. He has been chatting to residents on his trips around Newport and Cwmbran during the last few weeks.

The bikes are equipped with a battery which allows riders to travel greater distances, climb hills with ease and provide assistance of up to 15mph.

He said: “The e-bike is a great way for me to get about and engage with people in the community. Being visible and accessible to residents is really important to us.

“I am delighted that as a force we are embracing new technology and we will be looking at the feasibility of rolling out the e-bikes to neighbourhood officers in the future.”

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