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Eluned Morgan AM responds to ‘Lucy’s Law’ announcement

ELUNED Morgan AM has responded to a new announcement on Lucy’s Law, which deals with puppy farms and puppy sales.

In response to the announcement that the Welsh Government will ban third party sales of puppies and kittens in Wales, Eluned Morgan AM said:

“I am so pleased that the Welsh Government has taken the positive step
of introducing Lucy’s Law in Wales. Last summer, we brought the issue of puppy farming and third party puppy sales to the National Assembly.”

“Bringing together campaigners and volunteers engaged in rescuing breeding dogs and their pups, it was a tremendously important event that shone a light on the issue in Wales and looked at the opportunity of improving our legislation.”

“In parts of Mid and West Wales, we have heard some terrible stories of puppy farming, with dogs being kept in poor, isolating conditions and intensive breeding leading to ill-health and the abandonment of ex-breeding dogs.

“I am heartened that Lesley Griffiths has pledged to go even further in her statement today, stating her intention to look again at breeding regulations to improve welfare conditions and to consider how to help the public make more informed choices when buying a pet.

“I want to thank all of the campaigners in particular Marc the Vet, Eileen and Linda who have played such an important and influential role in the campaign, by keeping “Lucy’s Law” high profile but also in rescuing and looking after dogs that have been abused and abandoned once they can no longer make their owners money.”

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