September 17, 2021

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Emergency services conclude their search for ‘missing’ Darren Rees

DYFED-POWYS Police and its partner agencies who have been searching for Mr Darren Rees have concluded their search on the Loughor Estuary.

Chief Inspector Chris Neve said:

“At 2pm today a specialist Police Search Advisor met with HM Coastguard, the South Wales Police Underwater Search Unit and a representative from the local cockling community at the Loughor Estuary where Mr Darren Rees was last seen on Tuesday, 3rd November. After careful consideration of all the information and expert advice that has been made available to us, a joint decision has been made by all agencies involved that the search for Mr Rees will now conclude and will consist of periodic patrols of the estuary by HM Coastguard moving forward. We will also continue with other intelligence led enquiries in the coming days.

“Whilst this is an extremely difficult decision to make, we are satisfied that we have done absolutely everything we possibly can to try and locate Mr Rees and his family have been informed of this