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Employers encouraged to ‘Take a break for EqualiTea time

Employers and employees are being invited to sign up for a new online networking scheme, organised by Chwarae Teg.

‘EqualiTea’ aims to fill the socialising gap felt by many in a new hybrid working world – where those unplanned chats and random conversations often led to new ways of thinking, collaborations and inspirational ideas.

The first EqualiTea will take place across Friday the 29th of October, and anyone wanting to sign up can do so now at www.chwaraeteg.com/events/equalitea. They will then be introduced via email to a fellow participant so they can arrange a convenient EqualiTea time!

The team at Chwarae Teg hope EqualiTea will pick up where the Coffee Club, organised so successfully by Kate Carr, took off. Kate, said: “Connecting people so good stuff happens is my absolute passion so it’s absolutely brilliant to pass on the baton to Chwarae Teg, and get people talking over a cuppa. More than ever, we need to be inclusive, connected and make sense of how we are all feeling.”

Sarah Rees, Development Partner at Chwarae Teg, said: “As many people continue to work from home, it got me thinking. Where are the projects that are serendipitously sparked as you line the buffet queue, the person at a meeting who inspired you, that you catch on the way out of the room? I mentioned this in the online breakout room at a staff day, and everyone in my little room agreed. We miss the time to simply chat and connect with new people. That’s simply what EqualiTea is all about.”

For any EqualiTea questions contact: fundraising@chwaraeteg.com


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