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A VETS practice at Four Crosses between Welshpool and Oswestry will be able to build an extension after a proposal was approved by Powys County Council planners.

Jo Newing of Four Crosses Vets had lodged an application in March to build an extension just to the south of the current buildings, where part of the car park is.

The extension will help allow the practice to grow and thrive as well as giving it the opportunity of creating more jobs there.

In her report Powys planning officer, Charis Denham said: “Given the location of the development and that it forms an extension to the existing facility based at the site it is considered that the principle of the development is acceptable.

“It is noted that the proposed extension will also be taller in height than the existing buildings on site.

“Whilst noting that the building would not be subservient in height, it is considered that the structure would not appear out of keeping in the wider landscape, with buildings surrounding the site being of similar and higher in height.

“Given the use of materials which complement the existing building and the positioning and design of the proposed extension it is considered that the proposed extension has been sensitively designed and would not be contrary to relevant planning policy in this instance

“In terms of noise, given that the existing use is already present at the site, it is not considered that the extension as proposed would further impact on levels of noise as a result of this development.”

Taking all things into consideration Ms Denham granted the extension approval.

Agent, Ayrton Owen of Advance Building Designs Ltd said: “This area in which the extension is proposed is currently vacant and has no practical purpose.

“No buildings, trees or shrubs are present or will be affected in the proposed area.

“Four Crosses Vets is an established business that provides a vital service to the surrounding agricultural industry as well as the local residents and is well suited to being located in rural area, its current premises is small restricts the amount of people that the vets can attend to.

“This extension helps to alleviate this issue.”

As the extension is just under 60 square metres a sustainable drainage application (SuDS) will not be needed.



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