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Family pay tribute to three-year-old Ianto Sior Jenkins who died following accident on family farm

The family of the toddler who died following an accident at the family farm have released a touching tribute.

His mother Chloe Picton said: “Ianto was my blue eyed boy, he was inspiration to life, he was a kind little boy who was always smiling and laughing. His best friend was his older sister Seren, who were always joined at the hip. Ianto loved going to nursery and was excited to start his first day at school in Ysgol Beca in Efailwen in September.

“He loved being out on the farm and going on the tractor with his daddy. Ianto and I had a very strong bond, he was “Mummy’s little boy” and was always by my side everywhere we went, now that’s been taken from me. No parent should lose a child and I would like people to respect our wishes, giving us space at this very difficult, heart breaking time.”

Family photo

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