THE First Minister of Wales has reiterated the importance of avoiding mass gatherings and to behave responsibly in order to avoid a reversal of policies, which could see stricter controls reapplied. Mark Drakeford was speaking at his weekly press briefing and said that dispersal orders were in effect in areas across Wales.

Student, Lewis Rhys Jones manning the desk during First Minister’s briefing

In answer to questions from Llanelli Online he said that he hoped the people of Wales would continue to respect the measures because Coronavirus had not gone away.

I continue to be hugely impressed by the determination of most people to do the right thing, to stick by the rules and to understand that their behaviour is what has allowed us to make the difference.

Mark Drakeford

The first minister also announced today that it will be mandatory to wear face coverings on public transport from the 27th of July.  This rule will also apply when travelling in taxis or in a situation where 2m social distancing won’t be possible.

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By Lewis Rhys Jones

Lewis Rhys Jones has worked with us while studying a degree in journalism at Nottingham University. He has a wealth of experience in radio broadcasting.

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