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Gabriella Diana’s Onesta brand leading the way for eco fashion and job growth in Llanelli

According to findings by the UK’s leading “on-demand call answering customer services” group alldayPA, Wales has seen a rise in budding entrepreneurs with South Wales, in particular, leading the way for those looking to launch their own businesses. Cardiff was named as the leading city, with 11,545 start-ups being founded in 2020, which has increased by 240 since 2019. To help pinpoint how these business owners launched their businesses during the pandemic, the Manchester-based customer services group were keen to speak to entrepreneurs about how they got started and how their creative vision is bringing back economic growth and job opportunities to their local areas.

Onesta, which is based in Llanelli, is a Welsh eco luxury brand that provides high-quality, timeless clothing for men and women that is sustainably and ethically manufactured in Wales. The business was founded two years prior to the pandemic but officially launched in 2020. Gabriella Diana decided to launch the business last year to help educate Britons about the impact of fast fashion on the environment and help bring back job opportunities to Welsh people after many workers in the fashion industry lost their jobs.

Gabriella Diana previously launched Annie’s Trust, which helps protect dogs who have been mistreated or abandoned in Romania. However, her mission for change didn’t end there. Having experienced firsthand the garment production issues in Romania, and elsewhere in southeastern Europe, Diana felt compelled by her travels to make a difference. Back in Wales, she launched her own business, Onesta, which places great emphasis on treating staff with respect, providing good salaries, and takes pride in creating sustainable fashion.

Each garment made by the Onesta team is made from innovative, natural fabrics that are safe, unlike some synthetic fabrics that pose long-term health issues due to certain toxins they contain, and significantly minimise harm to our planet. Diana’s vision is to lead a movement of consumers committed to changing the fashion industry for the better, and her mission is to position Wales as the country leading the way for sustainable fashion.

Founder of Onesta, Gabriella Diana, shares why Onesta aims to lead the way for greener fashion creation in the UK:

“Onesta means ‘honest’ in Italian and that’s something I wanted to incorporate in my brand as it not only ties into my cultural roots but also my vision to change the way that clothing is produced in the UK. Everyone working at Onesta is committed to having a positive impact on the fashion industry, leaving the Earth a better place for it.

“We prioritise our values over profit and work to challenge perceptions and inspire lifestyle changes. Also, as the founder of the business, I wanted to make sure that staff were treated fairly by giving them good pay, working hours and environment.

“Since beginning, we’ve launched three collections and won several awards, including Wales Start UP Awards, UnLtd Sustainable Small Brand Award and Marie Claire Sustainability Award. We are currently up for nomination and in the final run for the GBEA Awards and the Cardiff Life Awards. ”

Reuben Singh comments on how alldayPA supports fashion brands across the country and how retail businesses can benefit from outsourcing customer service:

“One of our big focuses is to make sure we are able to provide a quality customer service solution to our retail clients across the UK, ranging from florists and bike shop owners, all the way to the hairdressers.

“With retail being such a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing and adapting to new trends, we’re here to support small businesses by answering their customer calls and handling enquiries that come from social media, emails and web chat. Creating time is at the heart of everything we do – by providing a 24/7 customer service solution, we don’t only take care of our client’s customers but give them the time they need to grow and manage their core business.”


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