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REBECCA Evans AM, Assembly Member for Gower, is again backing the annual Time To Talk campaign which seeks to encourage people to have conversations about mental health.

Rebecca Evans AM said: “I am pleased to support Time To Talk Day again this year. Mental ill-health is something that affects many of us, but there is still an element of taboo around the subject. Through campaigns such as Time To Talk we are breaking down some of the barriers that stop us talking about mental ill-health, but there is still more to do.”

Time to Talk calls on society to have conversations about mental health. Many people are afraid to broach the subject, and feel awkward when it is discussed. The hope of the Time To Talk campaign is that stigma and discrimination will end.

Mrs Evans added: “Suffering with mental illness can be a most isolating and lonely experience. If we make time to talk, we can make such a difference to friends, colleagues, family members and strangers, and help stop the stigma and end discrimination.”

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