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THURSDAY 30th January will mark Young Carers Awareness Day, an annual campaign to highlight the challenges young carers face and the importance of giving them the support they deserve.

Rebecca Evans AM, Assembly Member for Gower, said: “Wales has a large number of young carers who selflessly dedicate themselves to looking after their loved ones. Research continues to highlight that young carers are more likely to have poorer physical health and educational outcomes than their peers, which can have life-long consequences.”

Carer services in Wales support children as young as five years old and note that bullying, low self-esteem and even self-harm is not uncommon. Mrs Evans added: “Today is a day to pay tribute to the inspiring contributions made by young carers, and commit to working alongside schools and charities to ensure that these young people are given every support to ensure that as they help others they are not putting their own health at risk.”

Young carers across Swansea can find out more about the support available to them via the Council’s website.

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