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Green Party launches Commitment to People of Colour 

ANALYSIS conducted by Greens of Colour focuses on the policies contained in the Green Party manifesto which would particularly benefit People of Colour

“People of Colour represent the global majority but policies that are made in this country are disproportionately affecting our communities” – Azzees Minott, Co-Chair Greens of Colour.

The Green Party has launched a Commitment to People of Colour on Tuesday 10th December 2019.

This Commitment has been prepared by Greens of Colour, a group of Green Party members who campaign for the rights of People of Colour. It sets out the policies contained in the Green Party Manifesto, with specific focus on the issues facing People of Colour in the UK and around the world.

The hard-hitting introduction states:

“Our system is broken. It has been for years. And throughout generations, racist institutions and processes have tried to hinder our progress, erase our legacy, and crucial contribution to this country.

“It’s time that elected politicians speak plainly about our past, shine a light on the current inequalities that continue to affect our communities, and most importantly introduce bold policies that will make a positive difference to our futures.”

The Commitment picks out key areas of the Green’s manifesto including: democratic reform, migration, colonialism, racism, education, economy, future careers, small business, drugs and housing.

On migration, the Commitment says:

“Britain has a rich and diverse history of migration and has long been a place where migrants can call home. People of colour have contributed to the fabric of British culture and it’s existence both while living here and abroad.

“We will put fairness back into our migration system. We need a migration system that embraces dignity, justice and common sense, and which ensures those fleeing war, persecution and the climate crisis can find safety and security in the UK. We will ensure all migrants feel welcome.”

Azzees Minott, Co-Chair of Greens of Colour, said:

“People of Colour represent the global majority but policies that are made in this country are disproportionately affecting our communities. We’re proud of the policies in the Green Party Manifesto which will rebalance the inequality within society. The Manifesto sets out how and why things need to change for People of Colour in Britain today.

“I would encourage all undecided voters and those who are used to voting for certain parties to read our Commitment document and understand how Green values support our communities both here and abroad. Fighting for social justice is what the Green Party is all about, and so it’s time to vote Green.”

Councillor Cleo Lake, former Lord Mayor of Bristol, said:

“‘It is important that we commit to being vocal within the party and that we stay focused on the wide range of issues that are of concern to us that impact upon the quality of life for global south heritage communities here in the UK and subsequently abroad too.

“Our communities are impacted by many emergencies. From the air quality emergency that continues to affect health and life expectancy, to the housing emergency that sees too many families in inadequate temporary accommodation. There is also a serious educational needs emergency and a resource shortage. The hostile environment continues and we witness many versions of discrimination.”

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