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COUNCILLOR Jason Humphreys has joined the Welsh National Party. Cllr Humphreys is a technology engineer and a former member of Gwynedd County Council for Porthmadog East.

Cllr Jason Humphreys said:

“The Welsh National Party is the breath of fresh air in Welsh politics that many of us have been waiting for. There are too many backroom deals, nepotism and stifling of our communities nowadays. The WNP puts people and communities first, not narrow political interest. The WNP wants a new Local Development Plan in Gwynedd and so do I. Local Housing should be for local people. I am glad that the WNP is the only Party fighting the nuclear mud dumping in Welsh waters. The potentially radioactive mud will be washed all around the Welsh coast. It must not happen.”

WNP Leader Neil McEvoy MS said:

“I am really pleased that Jason has come on board. He has been a community activist for more than 25 years and is the kind of hard-working person that we want. The WNP is breaking new ground and is a real alternative to the Plaid Cymru status quo in Gwynedd. The Covid-19 crisis has magnified the issue of second homes in the county, which Plaid Cymru’s Local Development Plan has made worse. I’m pretty sure that Jason will not be the last councillor joining Wales’ new political force for change.”

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