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BBC Radio Cymru have interviewed Gwynoro Jones on his 79th birthday. 

By any standards Gwynoro is as fit as a fiddle and as active as any man half his age. 

Full of energy, sharp as a razor, he joined our independent news outlet a few years ago and has been an avid supporter and champion of local news since. 

During his career Gwynoro became MP for Carmarthen from 1970 to 1974 representing the Labour Party. He eventually switched over to the Liberals.

Gwynoro recently sent his extensive political archives to the National Library of Wales. He has written and commented on politics in Wales and the U.K and appeared on numerous TV and Radio programmes. 

Gwynoro has also jointly authored a number of books with Welsh author Alun Gibbard including the most recent book ‘Whose Wales?’

He is a latecomer to journalism but he has taken it up very well and recently received his membership card from the Independent Community News Network. 

Penblwydd Hapus Gwynoro. 



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