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Health Board’s arrangements for urgent or routine Dental Care over Christmas period

Arrangements are in place for people who require urgent or routine dental treatment over the festive period.

The public are strongly advised to consult the following advice should they require urgent dental care during this time.

Urgent/emergency dental care

If you have an urgent dental need, please contact your own dental practice or, on the following dates, please contact 111 who will be able to provide the appropriate advice and/or appointment to attend Urgent Dental Services:

Christmas Day – 25 December

Boxing Day – 26 December

27 December

28 December

1 January

2 January

3 January

If you receive urgent dental treatment the charge will be £14.70 unless you are exempt from paying NHS charges. If you are exempt from paying dental charges you will be asked to provide evidence of this when you attend your appointment.

The location of these services will vary across the festive period, every effort will be made to offer appointments as close as possible to your home.

Toothache on its own with no accompanying symptoms is not a dental emergency and you should not attend an emergency department.

The following are classed as an emergency:

Bleeding from a recent surgical site that will not stop, for example after tooth extraction
Increased swelling that is causing difficulty in breathing/and or swallowing
Damage to teeth or jaw as a result of an accident
Routine dental care

Patients should contact their regular NHS practice initially, who will assess and provide treatment where possible. While dental practices will be open to provide urgent and essential care for their patients, opening times and dates may be altered and patients should contact their own practice for opening information.

Patients without a regular dental practice should continue to contact 111 who will triage you. You will receive advice on managing your dental pain and if appropriate a member of the Dental Services Team will arrange for you to be seen by the Urgent Dental Service.

For contact information for dental practices, please visit: https://hduhb.nhs.wales/healthcare/services-and-teams/dental-practices/

Social distancing is in place across primary care sites for the safety of patients and primary care staff. Healthcare professionals seeing patients face-to-face to assess or treat will be using the appropriate PPE and protective screens are in place at counters and reception areas.

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