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Holiday activities held digitally by Ceredigion Youth Service

HOLIDAY activities for Ceredigion’s young people have continued to be held digitally.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, digital spaces have been utilised by young people to communicate, socialise, receive education and entertainment. Because of this, there has been a need for agencies to engage with and make use of digital media to ensure contact with young people. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted this need. It has seen many Youth Work organisations take their first steps into the digital world to continue engaging with and supporting young people.

As part of the digital youth work provision, Ceredigion Youth Service has been focusing more on delivering various virtual activities over the past year. These activities include youth clubs, post-16 activities and support, Youth Council, Panel Dewis, half-term activities and providing online support. During February half-term the Youth Service delivered six virtual activities and workshops focussing on wellbeing and personal development. Sixteen young people joined in various activities including cooking, fitness sessions, games, and a ‘be brave’ session where young people were involved in a question and answer workshop with Italian Rugby International Scrum Half Stephen Varney.

One of our young members said: “I took part in the February Half Term Cooking Session with Beca and Rhun. I learnt how to make Pancakes while socialising with other young people at the same time. The Youth Service’s virtual activities has given me an opportunity to learn new skills, socialise with other young people and it’s offered me support during this difficult year. I like the way the youth workers can still stay in touch with us and make the virtual session fun”.

Ceredigion Youth Service aim to continue to develop and promote the digital youth work offer and this Easter we have developed an online programme based on what young people have told us they’d like to do. Sessions will include sign language, Easter crafts, video editing, physical activity and exercise, employability support yn lle – post-16 provision?, quizzes and games. The Service hopes to continue to develop young people’s skills such as self-esteem, confidence, communication and problem solving, all in an informal and welcoming environment where they are able to meet new people online.

Elen James, Corporate Lead Officer – Porth Cymorth Cynnar said: “The range of digital provisions that have been developed since the beginning of the pandemic, by the Youth Service has been excellent. Knowing that opportunities and support like this is available for children and young people who may be feeling lonely and self-isolated during these challenging and difficult times is very important. The Youth Service is here to support children and young people in Ceredigion.”

For more information about the work of Ceredigion Youth Service, visit their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page @GICeredigionYS or visit their website at www.giceredigionys.co.uk.

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