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HOLYHEAD RNLI volunteer crew were called out on Thursday (Aug 1) to a jet ski stranded just off the coast of Cemaes Bay.

The family of the two jet-skiers, who were on board one craft, were becoming concerned that they were late returning to shore, and called the coastguard. Lifeboat crew pagers sounded just after 3.45pm, and the all-weather lifeboat Christopher Pearce was launched, as it was unclear as to the exact whereabouts of the craft and the two occupants.

As the lifeboat was en route, it became clear that the Cemaes volunteer cliff rescue team had sight of the two, in the area known as ‘White Lady Bay’ just north of Cemaes Bay.

When the RNLI volunteers arrived in the area, the location of the jet ski meant that the water was too shallow for the all-weather lifeboat to reach it. The smaller Y-boat was then deployed, with two volunteer crew on board, to reach the stranded craft.

One of the two occupants had swum to shore, leaving the other with the water craft.

After ascertaining that both people were safe and well, the jet ski was secured to the Y-boat, and towed to the shore. The Y-boat then made her way back to the all-weather lifeboat, and all crew then headed back to Holyhead to refuel and prepare for service. The crew were back the lifeboat station by 7pm.

Holyhead coxswain Tony Price said:

“It was the correct thing for those concerned as to the whereabouts of the two, to contact the coastguard for help. In regard to swimming to shore, with unpredictable tides and currents, and the risk of cold water shock, we’d always advise you to stay with the craft until help arrives.”

Photo: RNLI

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