April 20, 2021

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Latest Public Health Wales survey on coronavirus reveals overwhelming support for NHS

PUBLIC Health Wales has been conducting weekly a public engagement telephone survey to ask members of the public in Wales how coronavirus and related control measures are affecting their health and wellbeing.

The information collected from 500 or more randomly selected individuals provides the basis of the results that are presented in weekly reports.

The survey aims to provide data representative of the Welsh population and data are adjusted to represent the Welsh population by age, sex and deprivation.

The latest survey, with 679 respondents, makes for interesting reading and contains a wide variety of data information about how people in Wales feel about the pandemic.

It shows that 11% of people in Wales believe they’ve already had the coronavirus, with 12% of people reporting that someone close to them, such as a family member or friend had been seriously ill with the virus, an increase of 4% on the previous week’s survey.

23% of those surveyed indicated that they were very ‘worried’ they could catch coronavirus, with 33% ‘moderately’ worried and 31% only a little.

Those with children were the most worried with 65% of them responding that they were worried ‘a lot’ over their wellbeing.

There was overwhelming support for the performance of the NHS with 96% indicating that the service is responding well.

58% ‘agree or strongly agree’ the the government is responding well to the pandemic.

Some other interesting findings in the survey were:

31% of respondents leave the house every day but 13% had not left their home in the last seven days;

19% are worried a lot about their mental health;

27% are volunteering or supporting other members of their community;

There is more social media activity with 43% indicating that they interact more. Also 37% are talking more to family and friends. Finally, 38% are ‘snacking’ more.

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