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Local Politicians respond to new hospital site proposals

SENEDD Member, Lee Waters for Llanelli, and MP, Dame Nia Griffith, have responded to the unveiling of five potential sites for a new ‘super’ hospital serving Hywel Dda University Health Board.

Both Lee Waters and Nia Griffith have expressed some concern about the chosen sites, all west of St. Clears, and what this will mean for residents of the Llanelli constituency, particularly in terms of transport links.

Lee Waters MS said:

“So much needs to be considered still for this new hospital.”

“I am concerned that these proposed sites are in out-of-town locations and will be around a one-hour drive for most people in and around Llanelli. Given that 20% of households do not own a car, it is essential that a site with very good public transport links is chosen.”

“Prince Phillip Hospital, in Hywel Dda’s largest town, should be maximised for planned operations. I would also like to see the nurse led maternity unit that was proposed there in the consultation.”

This week, people from communities across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire helped the Health Board to score the five potential sites for a new hospital in a zone between Narberth and St Clears.

The workshop on Tuesday 28 June was the second of two technical sessions with members of the public, staff and partners. Those present will score the potential five sites, seven technical criteria to be used in this scoring process.

Dame Nia Griffith MP commented:

“It is absolutely vital that we have in Prince Philip Hospital as many services as possible, including a wide range of outpatient appointments so that patients do not have to travel when the clinics could be held locally in Llanelli, and I would also like to see the nurse-led maternity unit as proposed in the consultation. ”

“We would be so much nearer Swansea hospitals than to the new proposed sites, that we also need robust agreements with the Swansea Health Board for Llanelli patients to be taken there for emergency and other treatment.”

The Health Board has stated that all sites are in a zone that is the most central location for the majority of the population in the south of the Hywel Dda area and was determined through public consultation.

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