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NOT having had a haircut or beard trim for several years Tumble’s Daniel Balbini resembled the wild man from Borneo.

The disc jockey at Radio BGM went all out and had it all lopped off for charity on Saturday (Apr 13). Much to the amusement of Llanelli market goers he ran for the security of a woolly hat at the shock of the cold air on his previously well insulated head.

Llanelli Market Taffy’s hairdresser Luciano Quaglia had threatened to employ giant scissors to remove 28-year-old Danny’s tresses that made his head appear three-foot wide.

It was all done to benefit Radio BGM raising £100’s.

Danny admitted: “I’ve always been attached to my long hair so having in shorn was quite emotional.

“My dad did not recognise me afterwards I have had my “Kate Bush” so long!”

BGM chairman David Hurford gave Daniel a break into a radio career more than 10 years ago so he said it was “pay-back time.” David said the funds were most welcome because they heavily relied on people’s generosity to keep the “so valuable to patients radio service” running.

Listeners were making pledges and shoppers were generous crashing cash into the bucket as the hair tumbled.

Danny as a teenager was a big music fan and unsure of what career path to follow when his Mum saw an advertisement for radio experience. Danny was too young but David warmed to his enthusiasm and soon set him up with his own Sunday afternoon big beat rock programme that was a big hit with listeners.

Danny’s head hair has been growing ever since until hitting the deck at the expert hands of hairdressers Luciano and Kylie McQuillan.

And Danny’s locks will live on, on someone else’s head. He had donated his hairy bundled and two ponytails that were handed in to him by female fans and listeners to Swansea Jody Locks wigmakers.

BUSH CHUKKER; Taffy’s hairdresser Luciano is unfazed by Danny’s tangled locks as BGM chairman David Hurford broadcast’s news of the “bad hair day” – for Danny that is.


IT’S A SNIP: Danny’s under their somewhere said hairdresser Kylie as Luciano wields his giant scissors. Pix: Ron Cant and David Hurford

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