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Mari Arthur on running for MP, Brexit, Welsh Independence and more

WE spoke to the Plaid Cymru candidate for MP for Llanelli Mari Arthur about the impending general election, her local focuses as a candiate, and some of the key issues facing Llanelli and Wales today.

Speaking about her main goals as MP, Mari said: “I’m looking to make sure that we have a People’s Vote, so that we remain in the European Union. For the more deprived areas in Wales I think it will be detrimental if we leave.”

In spite of Llanelli’s vote to leave (56%) on a 70% turnout and several electoral successes of parties commited to leaving, Mari is confident that public attitudes to Brexit can change with more information:

“We weren’t given any information as to what leaving meant. We still don’t know. So it does depend on if people have the right information.”

“I don’t believe there’s any deal we can have that can be as good as the deal we have now.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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