Llanelli Online CIC has opened new offices at 1A John Street.

Thanks to the support of our local AM Lee Waters, Chair of the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee Bethan Sayed and Welsh Government. Our team is as follows;

Editor: Alan Evans – editor@llanellionline.news


Ron Cant: Associate Editor – roncant@llanellionline.news

Gwynoro Jones: Welsh Language Content Editor – gwynoro@llanellionline.news

David Hurford: Technician and Cameraman – davidhurford@llanellionline.news

Mark Jennings: Cartoonist

Elkanah Evans: Student Photographer

Lucy Thomas: Intern Reporter – lucythomas@llanellionline.news

Lucy Fiola: Student Journalist – lucyfiola@llanellionline.news

Scott Morgan: Student Journalist – scottmorgan@llanellionline.news

Angharad Evans: Accounts and Admin – angharad@llanellionline.news

Terence Owens: Graphic Designer – Terry@llanellionline.news

Tel Enquiries – 07308598604 (we will not answer calls from withheld numbers)

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