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[/arm_restrict_content]Thanks to the support of our local AM Lee Waters, Chair of the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee Bethan Sayed and Welsh Government. Our team is as follows;

Editor: Alan Evans – editor@llanellionline.news


Ron Cant: Associate Editor – roncant@llanellionline.news

Gwynoro Jones: Welsh Language Content Editor – gwynoro@llanellionline.news

Mark Jennings: Cartoonist

Elkanah Evans: Student Photographer

Lucy Thomas: Intern Reporter – lucythomas@llanellionline.news

Lucy Fiola: Student Journalist – lucyfiola@llanellionline.news

Scott Morgan: Student Journalist – scottmorgan@llanellionline.news

Angharad Evans: Accounts and Admin – angharad@llanellionline.news

Terence Owens: Graphic Designer – Terry@llanellionline.news

Tel Enquiries – 07308598604 (we will not answer calls from withheld numbers)

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