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Mid Wales Arts Centre exhibition focuses on Climate Change

AN exhibition focusing on climate change at Mid Wales Arts Centre is open until the 23rd of May.

Imogen Rendall is one of the exhibitors. Imogen was educated at Newtown High School and has just graduated with a Fine Art degree from Wimbledon School of Art.

Like other arts graduates she was unable to hold a final degree show in 2020 because of the pandemic but was delighted that her final pieces ‘ Hereafter’ and  ‘Remnants’ were selected for this exhibition. Imogen’s work focuses on Climate Change issues and was chosen on it’s own merit from hundreds of other entries from all over the UK.

Imogen has applied to study art therapy and is currently volunteering and working with Compass Community Care in Newtown. All visitors to the exhibition are invited to vote for the artwork that has influenced them the most and Imogen is a contender for the prize.


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