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SWANSEA Council has received Welsh Government transport funding, totalling more than £6 million, which will be invested in improvements for transport links, more cycle and walking routes and to increase infrastructure for electric vehicles.

32 fast-charging stations have already been installed in public car parks across the city and part of the latest grant (£426,000) will help pay for another 44 charging points at fifteen different locations in Swansea.

Car parks at beach locations including Port Eynon, Caswell, Langland, Bracelet, Knab Rock and Blackpill will all feature two electric charging points.

Popular community locations including Uplands, Sketty, Killay and Mumbles will also feature charging points.

City centre car parks will also see more of the equipment installed at High Street Multi-Storey, the Quadrant, Strand, Recreation Ground and Northampton Lane.

Stuart Davies, Head of Highways and Transportation in Swansea Council, said:

“The increase in electric charging infrastructure for motorists either already using electric cars or thinking of purchasing one is vital as we move into an era where electric cars are increasing.

“Our aim is to give confidence to motorists that they can travel around the city freely and easily access charging points to keep them on the move.”

Charging hubs are also being developed at the planned new car parks in the city centre as part of Swansea Central regeneration plans and will include 25 new charging points.

Mr Davies added:

“It’s important to look at our future regeneration plans and look to incorporate charging facilities from the outset. This funding is helping with these future plans.”

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