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More for Pets in Wales – Candidate Hustings

ANIMAL Welfare Organisations have come together ahead of the Welsh Senedd Elections to launch the More for Pets in Wales campaign


The More for Pets in Wales campaign hopes to raise awareness of pet welfare in Wales and amongst candidate Members of the Senedd (MSs). The campaign is a joint initiative by the Companion Animal Welfare Group Wales (CAWGW), which is made up of leading animal welfare organisations, ahead of the 2021 Welsh elections, and urges candidates to pledge to do more for pets in Wales, if elected to the Senedd.


On Wednesday 14 April, the Welsh animal loving public will get their chance to ask candidates from the Labour, Conservative and Plaid Cymru parties what they would do to improve pet welfare in Wales, if elected. Plaid Cymru’s Llyr Gruffydd, Conservative Janet Finch-Saunders and Labour’s Mike Hedges, will take part in a virtual hustings event and answer questions from the public and CAWGW member organisations.


A Censuswide poll commissioned by CAWGW to coincide with the launch of More for Pets in Wales campaign has revealed that 84% of the Welsh public would support the introduction of regulations to better protect pets sold online. CAWGW member organisations have continually raised concerns about a lack of regulation around pet selling online, an area that has grown exponentially in recent years, showing how important it is to protect the welfare of pets involved.


Animal Welfare is an area devolved to the Welsh Senedd and members of the Senedd will know how strongly their constituents feel about protecting and improving animal welfare. The poll also showed that 78% of the Welsh public supported the 2014 ban on electronic shock collars and more than 78% would support the introduction of a ban on the sale and use of snares to protect wildlife and pets like cats that can get trapped in them.


To see if your local candidates have pledged, or for further information about the More for Pets in Wales campaign, visit www.cawgw.co.uk/pets-pledge

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