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Mother and daughter become new Council Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

COUNCILLOR Sharen L. Davies has been elected as the new Chairperson of Llanelli Rural Council for the municipal year commencing on 14 May, 2019. This is the second time that Cllr Davies has been elected to the office. The first occasion was in May 2010.

Cllr Davies will be ably supported by her mother Cllr Tegwen Devichand who has also been elected as the council’s new Vice Chairperson. This is the first time in the council’s 45 year history that a mother and daughter have served in office together at the same time.

Cllr Davies enthused “I’m looking forward to the year ahead a great deal especially knowing my mother will be supporting me throughout the civic year in her capacity as Vice Chair. This means so much to both of us and I’m sure it is something we shall both relish and enjoy.”

“I take office at a time when there is much to look forward to. Over the next 12 months the council will continue to focus on bringing about positive changes to help improve local well-being through its ambitious community development programme. I’ll be playing my part in this regard by supporting the council in extending its reach and influence in the local community.”

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