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MS lends support to Mynydd y Garreg and Kidwelly tourism strategy

Lee Waters MS has voiced his support of the Black Cat Tourism strategy following its launch in Kidwelly last month.

The Black Cat Strategy is 2-year plan to increase the local economy in Kidwelly and Mynydd y Garreg through tourism.

The project has been funded for two years by the Welsh Government Coastal Communities Fund. A three-person team has been employed to implement the project.

Following request requests from residents in Kidwelly the strategy aims to improve tourism and the benefits for local businesses.

Lee Waters MS said:

The Black Cat Tourism strategy has a lot of potential to benefit our local businesses. The team are all part of the local community and have consulted with other residents to make sure their ideas are addressed.

The Member of the Senedd for Llanelli went on to say:

“Over the next two years we hope to see a lot of local people and businesses benefit from increased tourism. Kidwelly is a unique and has a history people will love to learn about”.

Suki Baynton of the Black Cat Strategy commented:

“It was great to launch the Black Cat Tourism Strategy launch in the heart of Kidwelly. There is so much potential for tourism in this area and it is important we develop the tourism sector to the benefit of local people and the local economy. I am very excited about the future of this tourism strategy and seeing tourism grow in Kidwelly and Mynydd y Garreg”.

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