September 25, 2021

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Multi-million pound boost to support post-covid pledge

WALES will build a new future out of the coronavirus pandemic, the Welsh Government announced today, providing £320m towards the immediate reconstruction work.

Counsel General Jeremy Miles said although coronavirus is still very much with us, part of our response must be to prevent longer-term damage being caused by the virus, especially to younger people who could be the hardest hit.

The Welsh Government today publishes Covid Reconstruction – Challenges and Priorities – which sets out eight priority areas, including short and long-term actions, to help stabilise Wales as we continue to live with the virus and to make sure we’re ready to rebuild once a vaccine or a cure has been found.

The priority areas were drawn up following an extensive conversation with the public and key sectors across Wales. #OurFutureWales received more than 2,000 responses.

The £320m package will be invested in projects and schemes in each of the priority areas over the next six months to maximise the impact of our available resources this financial year to support our recovery.

Key priorities which will be funded over the next six months include: