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SCHOOL leaders’ union NAHT Cymru launched its manifesto for the Senedd elections 2021, and calls on candidates, parents and the public to join its Wales-wide education discussion. 

The manifesto is based on five principles: wellbeing, curriculum reform, funding, additional learning needs (ALN) and accountability. NAHT Cymru is asking all election candidates to take the #NAHTCymruPledge on the future of education.

On Wednesday, April 21, NAHT is holding an election husting with Llanelli candidates via Zoom. The aim of the online event is to give candidates the opportunity to share their vision for education.

Members of the public are invited to register and put your questions to the candidates directly on any issue relating to education.

Laura Doel, director of the NAHT Cymru, said: “There’s never been a more critical time for education in Wales. We’re looking for a government that is going to work with the profession to invest in schools, support school leaders and commit to a fully funded education system.

“Curriculum reform, Covid recovery and new ALN legislation will only succeed thanks to the dedicated and skilled school workforce, and the new government must invest in them and give them the resources they need to succeed.

“Our members, parents and the public want to hear what the candidates propose for the future of education and what their priorities are.

“Candidates can sign up to the pledge by sharing, re-tweeting and posting a video with their views on education and tagging #NAHTCymruPledge. The public can join in by posting questions to the candidates, tagging us and posting their views on what they want to see happen for education in Wales.”

Kerina Hanson, president of NAHT Cymru, said: “Education reform in Wales is about ensuring our children and young people are well prepared for the future. Education forms the foundation for the future of Wales, it’s prosperity and ability to sustain itself. As such, it deserves to be at the forefront of policy making and investment.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to make our education system world leading, that in turn will support the future of Wales and its people. We are looking to government to support the vision for Wales: to nurture a system in which innovation can thrive, to help schools deliver the support they need for their school communities, and to value education as the way forward for Wales.

“We have a dedicated workforce ready to take on the challenge of reform, but we need a commitment from our government to work alongside the profession to drive reform through proper investment and sustained support.”

Anyone wishing to attend the event, which starts at 5pm, must register for the event below or via our social media channels @CymruNAHT or NAHT Facebook page.


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