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Neil McEvoy MS responds to Welsh First Minister’s announcement of stricter COVID rules

Neil McEvoy MS, the Leader of the WNP has hurled insults at the First Minister of Wales in response to Mr Drakeford’s policies during the pandemic.

Mr McEvoy,said:

“Drakeford’s coronavirus policies have clearly failed. He’s making it up as he goes along and increasingly sounding like a tin-pot dictator. Who is he to stop people having a pint with their food?”

“During the second wave of the virus Wales has the highest death rate, per 100,000, in the UK. And the UK has the highest death rate in Europe.”

“Rather than chopping and changing every few weeks we need consistent and simple rules that the public understands and trusts. And the core of our strategy needs to be on an effective test and trace system. So far the London government has spent over £20 billion on a test and trace system that doesn’t work.”

“When we know who has the virus we can isolate it and do all we can to keep it from the vulnerable.”

“Other countries are starting to get back to normal and have moved on. These new measures are catastrophic for Welsh businesses. Drakeford does not seem to understand that poverty kills. The rest of us are paying the price for his failure.”

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