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NEIL HAMILTON AM is moving office.

The Mid and West Wales AM has been ensconced in offices at John Street in Llanelli and is moving to new offices on Stepney Street.

Though not officially up and running for another fortnight, complaints and queries can be filtered through the local branch treasurer Derek Reeves.  

Taking queries: Branch treasurer Derek Reeves

Mr Reeves claims that there has been an increase in membership and support for UKIP in Llanelli which, is in no small part he claims, due to the frustration of many with the delay of Brexit. However, some have also chosen Nigel Farage’s aptly titled ‘Brexit Party’, though this has alienated long-time advocates and colleagues, including the party’s new leader, Gerard Batten.

While Labour has repeatedly demanded a People’s Vote, which so-far as repeat referendums go finds precedence in both Ireland (Crotty v. An Taoiseach) and Spain (Treaty of Lisbon), UKIP – and Hamilton, who provides policy literature on his campaign – stands for ‘Patriotism, National Democracy, Political Democracy, Economic Democracy, Liberalism and Traditionalism’.

What exactly does that mean?The branch treasurer explains: “A united Wales and a united Britain for one. To reclaim ‘business lost to Europe’ like Toyota, who have already slashed jobs in plants. Investment  and reinvigoration of the slouching economy (Jaguar Land Rover, Britain’s biggest car-maker,  will continue to halt and withdraw their production and investment through April 2019, which some believe is due more to the EU restrictions that will be imposed if Britain leaves).”

Above all, though it appears that UKIP want to reclaim Britain’s economic sovereignty, and reestablish industry for workers, even if it means sacrificing Europe’s stability.

When asked if the future of the EU was cast in doubt Mr Reeves said: “If we pull out of Europe, then I’m afraid, Europe will collapse.”

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