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New Quay RNLI lifeboats rescue stricken vessel with five persons onboard

NEW Quay RNLI lifeboats, the all-weather Mersey class and the inshore lifeboats were launched on service over the bank holiday following a Pan Pan call from a vessel in difficulty near Aberaeron.

With five persons onboard, the 20ft boat had suffered mechanical failure and had run aground between Aberaeron and Aberarth.

The inshore lifeboat was first on scene and put a crew member ashore to check that all persons were accounted for and to assess any damage.

Dylan Price, New Quay RNLI helm said,

“After assessing the boat and that the persons were safe, we towed the vessel clear of the shore while the all-weather lifeboat prepared the salvage pump in case the vessel was taking on water.

“Our Mersey class all-weather lifeboat then took over the tow while we went on ahead to Aberaeron to clear the harbour entrance of swimmers. The all-weather lifeboat towed the casualty vessel into Aberaeron harbour where we had rigged up an alongside tow and manoeuvred the vessel onto its mooring.”

Dylan added, “A Pan Pan call is the international standard urgency signal that someone uses to declare that they have a situation that is urgent but does not pose an immediate danger to anyone’s life or the vessel itself.”

Thanks to Kate Williams. Photo: RNLI

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