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Newport Council approve plans for homes on former Pirelli Cables factory site

PLANS to build 54 homes on the site of the former Pirelli Cables factory in Newport have been given the green light.

The site known as Loftus Garden Village will have 14 flats and 40 houses.

Developers Pobl Group will provide 18 houses for the open market, while the remainder will be affordable/social housing.

The site, which is north of Telford Street, located by Phoenix Park, is currently vacant.

The scheme is described as an extension of Pobl’s development on the other side of Telford Street – which has 250 homes and more than 100 trees planted and 60 per cent of the 16-acre site allocated as green space.

The council received one response regarding the application, which raised concerns for two old trees on Telford street.

The response said:

“I believe and hope that any future construction will take these trees into consideration and include them in the planning.

“These trees are favoured by local residents and play an important ecological and therapeutic role.

“In addition, they provide shelter and nesting space for several bird species each year. I hope you won’t take my concerns lightly and will consider it prior to any decisions being made.”

The report said that more information would be required and if required, it could be secured as a planning condition.

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