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‘No Nuclear Mud’ in Wales campaign to be re-activated

THE No Nuclear Mud Campaign is making a return as news that 780,000 tonnes of sediment from the Hinkley Point nuclear power station is set to be dumped just miles from Wales’ capital city.

A meeting between campaigners, who were vocal opponents of the dredging in 2018 when the Welsh government first approved plans to dump up to 300,000 tonnes of mud from the nuclear site, is reconvening tonight via Zoom and Facebook, after racist trolls ‘zoom bombed’ last night’s meeting.

WNP Leader Neil McEvoy said,

“We saw the limits of free speech and democratic debate last night. We wanted to be as open and accessible as possible. Sadly, this turned out to be impossible, so much greater security features will be included tonight.

“The discussion tonight will include calls for the Welsh government to halt the plans for the dumping before a full Environmental Impact Assessment has taken place and establishing a fresh petition for the Parliament to debate.”

Mr McEvoy continued: “Any dumping off the South Wales coast is unacceptable, let alone 780,000 tonnes of mud from a nuclear power plant. We must continue to fight this and make sure that a full Environmental Impact Assessment is carried out to ensure our safety concerns.”

Professor Keith Barnham of Imperial College London and Richard Bramhall of the Welsh Anti Nuclear Alliance are joining the meeting to express their concerns of safety.

In 2018, Prof. Barnham said, “”I’m now convinced that there are significant amounts of plutonium in the mud that was not tested for before the dumping started”.

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