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THE North Wales Choir Festival will be back in Venue Cymru, Llandudno, 5-6 March 2022. With its new name the North Wales Choir Festival, replacing the North Wales Choral Festival.

Saturday and Sunday will continue with competitions during the day and the much loved Festival Celebration Concert on Saturday evening. The competition categories are Mixed Choirs and Youth on Saturday, followed by Just for Fun and Ladies Choirs on the Sunday. The Festival Celebration Concert on Saturday evening is where choirs can perform without worrying about the watchful eyes of the adjudicators!

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The Festival’s organisers are very excited about the new element, celebrating national St David’s Day as well as the Choir Festival, full of culture and passion. Tickets are now available for a weekend that any choral lover will not want to miss. One of many cultural experiences Conwy County has to offer.

Tickets and further information on www.northwaleschoirfestival.com

Venue Cymru is proud to be a part of the UK Theatre’s Love Your Local Theatre campaign. People may have the opportunity to buy one ticket and get one free, thanks to the National Lottery. Tickets are subject to availability and the offer will stop once allocation funding is reached.

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