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North Wales Police to host Survivors Advising Event

North Wales Police are hosting a Survivors Advising event.

North Wales Police provided the following details on the event:

An informal event for domestic abuse survivors to share their views and experiences of how we and our partners dealt with their case is to be hosted next month.

The purpose of the event is to learn from your feedback and help to improve our service.

We understand that attending the event may be difficult, but please be reassured that it will be safe and support services will be available to those attending if required. The event will be an informal group discussion where those attending can contribute as much or as little as they feel comfortable in doing.

The online event will be via Teams at 1pm on Thursday 10th November.

To register your interest or if you have any questions please email: kerry.sidney@northwales.police.uk

Note: In order to maintain the safety and privacy of all attendees, we will require some personal details in order to confirm the identity of those attending. We will disclose the Microsoft Teams meeting details 48 hours in advance to attendees whose identities have been confirmed.

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