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NRW working clearing up oil pollution around River Ogmore

NATURAL Resources Wales (NRW) and Spill Response Wales have been working to clean up oil pollution around the Brackla Industrial Estate area, which has affected Morfa Brook and the River Ogmore.

Absorbent pads and booms have been used to soak up the oil and tankers have been used to vacuum the oil at various locations. Spill Response Wales continues to monitor the booms and pads, replacing them when they’re at full capacity.

NRW is working to find the source of the pollution by checking manholes in the area with the help of Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water. NRW has also been busy conducting drainage surveys and checking nearby oil storage.

Oil and other polluting liquids such as paint should not be poured down drains as this often ends up in rivers and can have a devastating effect on wildlife.

People can report pollution incidents to NRW at any time by calling 03000 653000.

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