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THE number of meetings attended by your local councillor has been published with a big difference between the involvement of some members.

The annual figures, for May 2018 to April 2019, available on Pembrokeshire County Council’s website detail the meetings a councillor is expected at and those they attend.

A number of the county’s 60 councillors achieved 100 per cent attendance but some of those are only expected at full council with no involvement on scrutiny or other committees.

Those with fewer meetings to attend include Haverfordwest councillor Lyndon Frayling who met expectations to be at four full councils, one annual council and one planning delegation.

Cllr Jon Harvey also attended seven of seven, but was only elected in September and with a new cabinet role will be expected at a greater number of meetings in future.

At the other end of the scale Pembroke Dock’s Cllr Brian Hall was expected at 32 meetings, including corporate governance, services overview and scrutiny and planning, and didn’t miss one.

Cllrs David Pugh and Vic Dennis had full attendance, with 28 and 23 meetings respectively, as did Cllrs David Howlett, Di Clements and Jacob Williams who attended 25, 20 and 29 meetings each.

Cabinet members Cllrs Neil Prior, Bob Kilmister and leader David Simpson attended all their expected meetings.

At the lower end of the scale were, often councillors who had jobs outside of their role, including Cllr Rhys Sinnett who managed eight of 11, Tony Wilcox with 23 out of 29, Stephen Joseph also has 23 out of 29, Pearl Llewellyn 15 of 22 and Cllr John Davies with 14 out of 18.

Lower attendance was also recorded for Cllr Kevin Doolin, who attended three of the five full councils, and Cllr Paul Dowson, both on 61 per cent with attendance at 11 out of 18 and 11 of 23 respectively.

Details of reasons for missing a meeting, such as illness, work or prior commitments, or not included in the data.

The full attendance list can be view at pembrokeshire.gov.uk.

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