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Off-road motorbikes – additional patrols in Swansea

FOLLOWING an increase in reports of young people riding off-road motorbikes and quad bikes along Mumbles Road, local officers in conjunction with specialist units will be carrying out additional patrols against the illegal and anti-social use of these bikes.

Officers, along with specialist units, will target those responsible who are often uninsured and do not have a driving licence.

Inspector Andy Harris said: “I would like to reassure members of the community that we will be increasing patrols along Mumbles Road in a bid to tackle the problem of young people riding off-road bikes. 

“Officers have the power to seize any scrambler, bike or quad that is uninsured on a public road and we will actively look to do so.  We can seize all forms of motorcycles if they are being ridden on a public road and the rider is under 16, doesn’t hold a relevant licence, or is without insurance or road tax.

“We are committed to tackling the anti-social behaviour and damage caused by people using motorbikes and quad bikes illegally and are aware of the misery that the noise of the bikes causes to the local community.

“I would urge members of the public to keep reporting any instances of off-road vehicles being ridden illegally to us.  Of particular value are photographs and videos of off-road vehicles and riders.”

Anyone with information regarding people riding off-road motorbikes or quad bikes should contact South Wales Police by one of the following means.

  • Go to: https://bit.ly/SWPReportOnline
  • Send us a private message on Facebook/Twitter
  • Via email: PublicServiceCentre@south-wales.police.uk
  • Phone: 101

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