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Over 4,350 tonnes recycled thanks to purple bag collections

MORE than 4,350 tonnes of absorbent hygiene products have been diverted away from landfill and recycled as part of the Bridgend County Borough Council’s ‘purple bag’ scheme.

Since 2017, residents who have signed up to the absorbent hygiene collection service have recycled around 1,000 tonnes a year of items ranging from children’s nappies, wipes, paper tissues and stoma bags to adult incontinence pads, absorbent bed sheets, plastic gloves, disposable aprons and more.

Once collected from the kerbside in special purple bags, the waste is taken for processing at the Nappicycle plant in Ammanford and all recyclable materials are recovered. The cellulose fibres from nappies are recycled into fibre boards and acoustic panelling, while the plastics are sent for further re-processing and recycling.

The purple bags are used to help the council’s waste partners Kier distinguish between different types of materials. By recycling these products instead of putting them out with general rubbish, residents can make full use of the two-bag limit on residual waste.

Only absorbent hygiene products should be placed in the purple bags as crews will not collect them if they have been contaminated by other waste items. The service does not include feminine hygiene products, which should be disposed of as part of the fortnightly collections for non-recyclable household waste.

The purple bag service also runs fortnightly and is picked up on the same day as non-recyclable waste. If a household does not put any bags out on three consecutive occasions over a six-week period, they will be assumed to no longer need the service but can re-register at any time.

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