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PEMBROKESHIRE’S education directorate is aligning all improvement work with its Estyn action plan over the next five years.

A working group focusing on the Estyn improvements required following an inspection of the education department earlier this year will also continue to monitor the work, with a third meeting due this month.

In February education services in the county were found to be of “significant concern” following an Estyn inspection with standards achieved by pupils “too variable.”

The corporate plan sets the “strategic direction of the education services in Pembrokeshire” said director of education Steven Richards-Downes on Thursday, October 1.

Members pf the schools and learning overview and scrutiny committee discussed the plan and the many actions being set out to improve teaching and outcomes.

“We have taken a decision that the directorate plan will be no different to the post inspection action plan because it’s important we have very part of our department focusing on raising standards in schools, improving teaching and improving outcomes for learners, and improving the self evaluation aspects of our work,” said Mr Richards-Downes.

Ambitions include ensuring all pupils leave with qualifications, that no young people are left without education, employment or training following school, a standard primary literacy level achieved for all pupils and closing the gap in attainment between those living in poverty and those not.

It includes providing sufficient challenge and advice for schools, improving pedagogy across all phases, cluster working, raising standards in numeracy and literacy and improving professional training.

Committee chairman Cllr John Davies questioned the number of actions not yet started, asking of Covid-19 had delayed matters, but was told that the Estyn action plan relates to a two year period.

Chairman of the working group Cllr Paul Rapi said that members had “agreed the terms of reference and reviewed the action plan, and will continue to do so.”

Mr Richards-Downes added that the scrutiny and questioning had been good and he encouraged continue to “bring the level of challenge that has been brought to date.”

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