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Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planners to visit Saundersfoot tree before felling decision

A historic Saundersfoot tree is likely to be visited by National Park planners before a decision on felling it is taken.

An application has been made to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to fell a Monterey Cypress tree on the sea front which campaigners are fighting to save.

The tree on Scar Rock, opposite Beach Court, has been an “attractive and much loved feature of the village for over eighty years,” Saundersfoot and District Historical Society has said.

It adds“The Monterey Cypress is an unusual tree. A native of the Pacific Coast of North America it is salt resistant and thrives on rocky ground and cliffs.

“Our tree has withstood many winter storms while pushing its roots deep within the Rock and perhaps further into the surrounding area.

“An application has been made to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority to have the tree felled. The reasons cited are for public safety but the History Society, and indeed the Friends of Saundersfoot and District, feel strongly that a rigorous evidence-based assessment be made before such an important feature of the Saundersfoot landscape is lost for ever.

“While public safety is paramount, any decision about the tree must be made on accepted arboreal grounds.”

A report to next week’s Pembrokeshire Coast National Park development management committee states “the application has generated a significant level of public interest, as such, it is requested that members consider a committee site visit to view the tree, the sire and its surroundings prior to consideration of the planning application.”

A previous application to fell the tree was refused by the National Park committee in May 2017.

On Wednesday, April 21 members will decide if a site visit is necessary and if so, when it will be carried out.

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