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REPLACING Pembrokeshire County Council’s cars, vans and machinery with electric and hydrogen vehicles will go ahead with grant applications of more than £2million to be developed.

Plans for “fleet decarbonisation” were presented to cabinet on Monday (September 6) with more than 367 vehicles operated by the council as well as 1,119 items of plant machinery.

This currently includes six electric vehicles and 400 electric plant items, a report to cabinet states, with trials of larger 36 tonne recycling vehicles being sought following successful trials of small and medium size vans, said cabinet member for infrastructure Cllr Phil Baker.

Welsh Government grants are available for fleet decarbonisation and hydrogen power is also being explored as battery capacity will not be enough for all vehicle uses required, a report adds.

Applications for some of the grants available could be more than £2million and require cabinet approval with vehicles replaced as “the opportunities arise.”

Delegated power to sign of final grant submissions will be granted to Cllr Baker, in consultation with the head of infrastructure, subject to authorisation of the chief finance officer.

Cllr Cris Tomos added that the county’s “net zero ambitions” had seen investment in electric vehicle charging points and it is “one of the top counties in Wales for charging points available for the public.”

The changing of council vehicles was “going in the right direction,” he said.

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