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Plaid Cymnu leader bolsters support for Mari Arthur

THE Leader of Plaid Cymru at the Welsh Assembly, Adam Price AM was in Llanelli today, Wednesday (Dec 4) to bolster support for the party’s Parliamentary candidate Mari Arthur.

Addressing a crowd of the party faithful in the town centre Adam Price said that enough was enough and one only had to look around the towns across Wales to see the poverty of ambition of Labour.

Mr Price said: “There is something happening in Wales at the moment. You can feel it in this crisp December air. There is something rising a rising sense of self confidence. It is starting to channel into our politics as well.

“People are pretty uninspired by British politics. We have put our faith in the Labour party for 100 years. Where is the return on that investment? The great 1945 Labour government yes. The Jim Griffiths of the world are not there anymore. People are looking for an alternative.

“When we look at the state of our country at the state of our public services, our economy and our towns we have to say real change is not going to come from the Labour party who have been running Wales for years. We are at the bottom of the economic league table. Real change is only going to come by taking that first step and believing in ourselves.

“Politics is about fixing our society. We have seen the way Scotland is treated with respect probably with fear with Nicola Sturgeon there actually putting in a better performance than those other two Westminster party leaders.

“Wales is not a priority for them. Wales will only be a priority when we make it a priority for ourselves. That means voting for the party for Wales in numbers that we have never seen before.

“I have not had a single negative conversation during this election. When you start talking about Wales and beyond the immediate situation, where is Wales going to be five years down the line, ten years down the line? You make an instant connection with people. They see the state of our nation, the state of our community and the state of our politics. There is a thirst for change.”

Mr Price said that Wales needed to be treated with the same parity as Scotland and to get a fair share of money. He said that things would change at the election at the start of a new decade, the 20/20’s. He asked for people to start that new decade with new vision, with a new leadership, with new politics, new hope and with new ambition in Plaid Cymru the party of Wales.

You can see the full interview with Adam Price and Mari Arthur here on Thursday.

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