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Gwyneth Ellis won the seat in Llandrillo’s Denbighshire’s by-election – and says she plans to rest this weekend before the real hard work begins.

Gwyneth Ellis, Plaid Cymru, had 179 votes, compared to the independent candidate David Robinson’s 140.

Julian Sampson of the Welsh Conservatives had 88 votes.

Turnout was 42% and one ballot paper was rejected.

The poll was held on Thursday, November 11.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service today, Cllr Ellis said she was happy with the win.

“I’m absolutely delighted to win – it’s great,” she said.

“It’s a shame there is only six months before the next election, but I will do my best in that short time.

“I knocked on the doors and talked to people during the campaign. The things that worry people are the condition of the road and people speeding through the villages, the condition of the water structure, because we have lots of bursts in the water pipes in the main in both villages, and the school, Ysgol Bro Dyfrdwy.

“The school is excellent, and everyone praises the school and the education the children receive, but it’s bursting. It’s really full. Last year the children from Llandrillo had trouble getting into the school.”

She added: “The way I’m going to be celebrating is to have a bit of a rest because the ward here is a very rural ward. There are lots of houses that are outside the villages. I tried to go around every house in the ward. It’s taken a lot of time and a lot of effort to get everywhere, so an early night and a nice restful weekend before I start on the hard work of being a councillor.”

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